About Us

   Our children are exposed to messages in so many ways.  As mothers, we want to be the ones directing the information they receive.  We want to instill in our children as early as possible the message that they have a voice, that there is power, safety and peace in understanding how our bodies work and in loving our bodies.  We know this can be a tough topic to approach.  We hope this book can act as a foundation for teaching your children the basics and serve as a resource to make these conversations easier and more clear.  We also hope this book can act as a springboard for your children to feel comfortable asking the questions they have or to bring up misinformation they have acquired from peers or media.  Furthermore, we hope this book can be a great resource to provide safe, happy, visual examples of these topics as well as a great way to normalize the discussion of these subjects and help make them a part of everyday life.

The Authors

Jennifer Jenkins is a licensed therapist and social worker who has worked with women and children of all ages for many years.  Jennifer is a mom of two girls.

Samantha Paul is a doctor's wife and stay-at-home mom of two children, a girl and a boy.  Samantha has a bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in family life. 

The Illustrator

Sierra Ward, originally from Ohio, is a 2d Illustrator and Character Designer freelancing in Los Angeles. Her favorite thing about Illustrating is bringing characters and stories to life.