The Book

"I Know Myself" covers three topics:  science, safety, and self-love.  Our science pages cover the importance of understanding anatomy and correct anatomy terms for the reproductive system.  Our safety pages cover the importance of knowing how to protect yourself and how to use your voice.  Our self-love pages cover celebrating and loving your body.  Each page includes correlating affirmations to repeat to further reinforce positive messages about understanding, protecting, and loving your body. 

Science Covered in the book: 

  • girls anatomy
  • boys anatomy
  • egg fertilization
  • pregnancy
  • birth (vaginal and c-section)
  • breastfeeding/bottle feeding
  • body safety and more

All our content in our book is reviewed and approved by a physician and child psychologist.

We are not covering intercourse in this book, as this book is geared towards more junior readers.